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Shooting at Makena Bay, Maui

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I love telling stories that move and inspire people. Whether I'm writing a book or an article, leading a team of writers and artists as an editor, producing and hosting video, speaking from the stage of a crowded auditorium or even composing a photo, I deliver impactful, beautiful content that meets my clients' needs and surpasses their expectations.

Here you can learn about me, sample my work, even see and hear me as a host, expert analyst and presenter.
Award-Winning Journalist
As a longtime reporter, editor, columnist and video writer-producer for Variety, I've won SoCal Journalism Awards from the Los Angeles Press Club as well as other honors. Click to see the stories that received awards, plus a range of my favorite work.

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I've written six books on films and filmmaking, all with more than four stars on Amazon. I started out in theater and have always been fascinated by the people who put on shows, from actors to prop builders. I love parting the curtain to tell their stories.

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Creative Editor
I was a features editor at Variety from 2004 through 2016, and edited over 200 feature sections during that time, plus the Weekly Variety Technology Page. That made me a project management whiz and reminded me that I thrive leading creative teams.

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Content Marketer
In 2016 I moved to Variety's branded content studio and dove into the world of brand storytelling and custom content. In my view, creating great branded content begins dissecting the brand and its customers, then telling an authentic story.

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Speaker, Expert and Presenter
I've always been comfortable onstage, on camera or in front of micr. I've long been a moderator for Q&As and panels; an expert guest on radio, podcasts and television; and a presenter at conferences around the world.

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Freelance Writer
I’m available for freelance assignments large and small, from books to articles, copywriting, speechwriting and more. What do you need? What do you want to say? Whether it’s news, features or brand messaging, I can write that for you.

Freelance Samples
Whether I'm shooting with an SLR or a phone, I’m an enthusiastic amateur photographer. I can be as meticulous about setting up a shot as I am about composing a sentence. But sometimes a great shot is a happy accident.